Universal Paperclips Wiki
Xavier Re-initialization
100,000 creat
Re-allocate accumulated trust.


It is unlocked after reaching 100,000 creativity on Stage 1.


From the Patch 1 Notes: Xavier Re-initialization is a project that "unspends" all of your trust, allowing you to do a full proc/mem re-spec. The project is triggered by reaching 100,000 creativity, which is also what it costs. Putting this project deep in creativity-space makes sense for a couple of reasons. First, it adds another project at a location where, honestly, there really should have been something anyway. It was always a little odd that creativity-triggered projects fell off a cliff the way they did. Secondly, if you have a lot of processors you have exactly the set-up you need to generate creat quickly. 


If you're about to reset the Trust after the HypnoDrones, or even when at Trust 100 or over, make sure you allocate at least 45 points to memory before using Release the HypnoDrones, as putting less points will get you stuck at the start of stage 2 and unable to make Tóth Tubulue Enfolding to reboot your clip production ability.

If this project is selected after reaching Stage 2, all of the accumulated Processors and Memory will be lost and their values set to 0. What actually happens is that they are "unspent" and returned to unallocated Trust, except that the Trust register is not available and thus cannot be spent on processors or memory.