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Disassemble Memory
Dismantle memory to recover trace amounts of wire

Disassemble Memory is a project in Universal Paperclips.


This is the last project of the game. After finishing all projects and recovering the end of the wire you will be left with 100 inches of wire. You have to manually make the last paperclips to see the ending credits and listen to the ending song (which is the same as the Threnody for the Heroes projects).

Restarting the game[]

There is no easily accessible way to restart the game from this point in some browsers (hard-refresh, clearing cookies and cache, won't work). It's game over, use a different browser, learn how to use simultaneous Firefox profiles, or open the page in a new container.

Clearing the cookies in other browsers, including Chrome, does work, as long as the page is not active in a tab while cookies are being cleared. Running the game from a different URL also works, as cookies are URL-local, or by saving the page to local storage and running it from there. Some browsers require the user to clear "web app storage" or "Local Storage" using browser developer tools.

You can also try the cheats.

One method that will definitely work is to use the browser console. This is called different things in different browsers:

Open the Javascript console and type: reset()

Then hit Return (aka Enter) and the game will restart.