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Add combat capabilities to Von Neumann Probes

Combat is a project during stage 3. It involves fighting the probes that have drifted away from your control.

This project becomes available when you lose the first probes in combat with drifters. This in turn happens shortly after they have a population of 1M, and begin to fight your probes.


It displays space battles, which are added to the game shortly before the project is unlocked. Your probes will attack and reduce the number of drifters depending on the Probe Trust allocated to this option. Until you unlock it, your probes will be defenseless and thus will be killed (a counter for "Lost in combat" appears).

New counters will also appear: "Drifters Killed" and "Drifters" (note: sum is equal to that of "Lost to value drift" above it).

Following Projects[]

This is required for Name the battles, which unlocks Honor from battles, and The OODA Loop, which increases the combat effectiveness by the Speed trust option.