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Another Token of Goodwill...
Another small gift to the supervisors. (+1 Trust)

Another Token of Goodwill... is a project in Universal Paperclips.


This is a repeatable project. $1M is the price for the first time, and cost doubles each time ($2M, $4M, etc.). There is no defined upper limit, until you hit a trust of 100.

You should just need to use this project a few times, generating the rest of the trust by making paperclips. You may need to do more if you spend more trust than needed (for example, if you Beg for More Wire), or spend Trust without first investing it on processors and memory. Or you can use it if you just have excess money from investments (which are the main way to generate the needed funds).

This project heralds the end of Stage 1, as you use it to increase your Trust to 100 and Release the HypnoDrones